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Jan 3 2014, 02:29 AM
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Jose Mourinho has made the astonishing admission that Oscar told him he dived opposition Southampton because he was aware he could get goalkeeper Kelvin Davis sent off,Woman Air Jordans.
Mourinho applauded justice Martin Atkinson for booking the Chelsea star after their 3-0 win at St Mary’s, saying he hoped similar decisions would take district somewhere amid an attempt apt slay play-acting within English football.
However, Mourinho’s revelation that Oscar actively thought approximately getting Davis sent off namely unlikely to endear the Brazilian apt any of his colleague pros. Neil Ashton of the Daily Mail provides the Chelsea boss’ comments:
His (Oscar’s) explanation apt me I accept because he says apt me ‘when I see the goalkeeper coming I think penalty ruddy card, goodbye.'
And the goalkeeper,within the medium of his movement he namely a 36-year-old man,maybe lots of experience and thought I’m going apt stop.
Oscar base himself in a little while of contradiction and he base himself,among fractions of sections, where he thinks 'contact,exercise ruddy card' and suddenly not adjoin and so he tries to touch the pellet.
Oscar’s swoop was one of the accessory incredible acts of simulation seen within the Premier League this season. Having successfully beaten Davis apt the ball he opted to swoop rather than simply buffet the ball into one vacant net.
Former Liverpool and England striker Stan Collymore was one of many to answer his motives:
Oscar. Why,cheap jordans? Dive 1st shoot/score second. Bizarre.
? Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) January 1 2014
The Brazilian’s logic later his fall,whatsoever utterly cynical, was correct. Had Atkinson fallen for the dive Davis would have been sent off and Chelsea would have had the chance apt score from the blot.
However, there namely an unwritten principle within football that players don’t actively try apt get their companion pros sent off. It namely for that very cause that the doing of flashing an imaginary card to the referee is so heavily berated surrounded England.
For Oscar to acknowledge that he thought approximately earning Davis the ruddy card shows a surprisingly distrustful brink apt a player who has constantly lit up the Premier League with his order of skills this season.
It is also an embarrassing incident for Mourinho to handle with after he attacked Luis Suarez following Chelsea’s recent 2-1 win over Liverpool,Air Jordans 11.
The Portuguese accused Suarez of a “swimming tarn jump” following a foul along Samuel Eto’o, per Dominic Fifield of the Guardian,Air Jordans 3,merely the Liverpool man had distant surplus reason apt buffet the deck than Oscar did at Southampton.
However, with Chelsea two points off altitude spot in the alliance and showing signs of a maintained caption dare Oscar’s doing provides one eye-opener that Mourinho’s men might be ready apt offer anything and everything apt be named champions this season.
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