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Aug 9 2018, 06:13 PM
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As we grow older and are constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun our skin starts to appear dry and dull. This is the result of the outside layer of the skin getting excessive build up and is not exfoliated on a regular basis. Build-up is especially noticed after we have spent the summer in the sun. It's more apparent to women since we realize that our make-up doesn't look as fresh and our foundation begins to fade within a couple of hours. Our make-up and foundation is actually being absorbed into the accumulated dead skin cells, which gives a very tired and unhealthy look to the skin.
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Steam vents, craters, sulphur banks, and museums will all give you a glimpse of Mother Nature's fiery temperament, so stop by for an experience most people will never be lucky enough to have. For less thrill and more skill, check out one of the twenty-odd golf courses on the Big Island. Hawaii makes a great backdrop for a lot of things, especially an outdoor sport that invites walking and gazing off into the distance. Hopefully the blue skies and ocean views won't distract you from playing a good game, but if they do, you probably won't feel too bad about playing less than perfectly on an immaculate and breathtaking course. Getting your golf fix will further round out what is already shaping up to be a satisfying holiday.It should be no surprise that the Big Island has proven to be inspirational to artists of all kinds, so if visual expression is something you find interesting, be sure to tour the galleries and museums while you are here.
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